See why ShockBody Boot Camp (Reedsburg’s FIRST Boot Camp) is transforming bodies, destroying bodyfat, and getting massive interest in the community.

Our “Boot Campers” get top notch training that is always changing. The workouts are cutting edge, creative, and most of all effective. Fitness does not have to be boring… it can be fun, exciting, and something you look forward too. Don’t take my word for it… We are a small enough community, just ask one of our boot campers! The workouts are just the tip of the iceburg. Check out these other benefits included in your boot camp pass…

ShockBody Boot Camp Benefits

#1: Nutrition Membership Site

 Scientifically-based nutrition and weight loss program. Think of it as what Pandora is to music… this program is to your eating habits. As time goes on, the program learns what you like and dislike all while keeping you in the parameters of your customized nutrition recommendations. Choose from thousands of food items and recipes, print cookbooks and grocery lists and so much more. With no gimmicks, or special foods to buy, it makes it easy to fit your lifestyle. On top of that,  your instructor will help coach you along the way.




#2: Accountability Journal

Not your typical exercise journal, this comprehensive layout is specifically tailored to measure how your boot camp training is coming along and will help you stay focused and stay on track!






#3: The Fit Squad Spirit

In the boot camp atmosphere you’re surrounded by like-minded people with the same fitness goals as yourself; it’s a positive environment where everyone encourages and motivates one another. This benefit alone sets you up for success by holding each other accountable.  Not only that, you get the extra motivation from your instructor (Chad or Jody) who is with you every step of the way.



#4: The Afterburn Effect

Doing an afterburn workout causes “metabolic mayhem” (in a good way!) in your body and causes your system to work really hard for a long period of time (38 hours) to bring itself back to its normal state. Boot camp does this with metabolic resistance training workouts, and while your body is trying to recover and bring itself back to the pre-exercise state, you are going to reap mega fat burning benefits from this as your body burns fat for about the next 24 to 38 hours.




#5: Mindset Training

Because maybe what you are feeding your mind is worse than what you are feeding your body! With ShockBody Boot Camp, you will get a 4 step process that if done alongside your program will essentially guarantee your success. YES! It is that powerful.






#6: Do It Yourself Fitness Assessment Software

Through the SBF Boot Camp Member Site, you will have access to our assessment software. Included are detailed instructions on how to easily measure your own body fat in less than 5 minutes. Losing body fat is much more important than losing body weight. Learning this simple skill will set you up for big time success since you will now be able to accurately track REAL progress. In addition to this, our software will track goals as well as monitor and graph progress. It even has the ability to store your before and after photos.




#7: Scheduled Motivation

I understand that your fitness journey will have some ups and downs to your success, so I am here to support you along the way. In my experience, knowing what to do is often not enough to spark action, you also need support. In boot camp you have each other but you will also hear from me with motivational email messages multiple times per week. Not only will this help keep you motivated, and focused… I will be there to help support you through any tougher obstacles you may face.




#8: Variety

Results through muscle confusion. Our workouts are different, exciting, challenging, and most of all – effective. Our workouts are always changing so that your body never adapts to the routine. This ensures you keep challenging your body and have long term success. You won’t get bored with the same old workout plan you may find at other places. Professional program design that takes the guesswork out, and puts the variety in.




#9: Bonus Workouts

As comprehensive as the boot camp training system is, I decided it wasn’t good enough. I know life happens and there will be times you will miss a boot camp session. What happens then? No worries… with your boot camp membership, you will have access to bonus workouts that you can plug into your life anytime it is necessary. These workouts are jam packed with exercises you can do from home, at the gym, or away on travel. This way there is NO EXCUSE for not staying on track!




 The ShockBody Boot Camp Promise – To provide a supportive and encouraging environment. All exercises will be progressed or regressed as needed per boot camper’s ability. This will ensure healthy progression and success no matter what level. You can do this! We will be here to support you every step of the way!

 Schedule, Time, and Place:
Mon/Wed/Fri | 5:45 PM, 7 PM AND 5:30 AM | The ShockBody Transformation Facility

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