IMG953263Becky Peterson:

I have always enjoyed fitness and sports for as long as I can remember. I have seen the transformation of fitness go from women lifting little pink weights and wearing legwarmers all the way to women lifting heavy weights and metabolic conditioning like we have at Shockbody! I, like many, am a middle aged wife and mother with a career and an incredible passion for fitness and helping people grow and succeed. Shockbody helped me find that! I have Had to work hard to reach goals that once I never thought I could. I have seen fitness transform lives. There are no short cuts, no magic potions, just consistency, hard workwork, and surrounding your self with like-minded people . Shockbody will give you that! A better life that includes strength, vitality, clarity, and overall wellness is attainable for everybody. I followed my passion and obtained my Certified Personal Trainer certification from the Independent Sport Sciences Association in April 2015 so I could help people realize personal growth and transformation through knowledge of fitness, how their body works, nutrition, and the importance of rest and a happy, positive outlook. Being fit, strong and capable will change your life. Let me help you!