ShockBody F-Fat  L-Loss  A-Accountability  G-Group

This is our most effective program we offer. We currently have an 87.5% Success Rate with this group!

We meet Tuesday Nights at 6:30PM to 7:30PM

-And Discussing Key Performance Indicators of Fitness that we hold you accountable to.

Cost is $139 per 4 weeks. 8 week minimum.
(Currently there is a waiting list… please contact us and put down a $10 deposit to be placed on list. This deposit is to show you are serious and will be applied to your first payment once it is your turn)


Jenny Meacham

I have had huge success participating in the SBFNFLAG. I have lost 12 pounds and 12+ inches and lost 6% bodyfat. Combining the workout with eating clean has not only assisted with my weight loss but has energized me and lifted my spirits! The weekly meetings with members of SBFNFLAG have been beneficial as these meetings provide support and accountability. I have always exercised and tried different weight loss methods. Though the pounds have come and gone, I have never before had such a feeling that “this is it.”  This is how to stay healthy and keep the weight off! Chad and his staff have been super supportive with encouragement, kind words, knowledge of nutrition, exercise, and most importantly Mindset!


Lorie Coon

My fitness and health journey has been a struggle for me for many of years. After the loss of my parents and my daughter within a 23 month period, my struggle got even more real. I have had many adversities along this journey and have always hoped to overcome them successfully one day.

My Shockbody instructors have taught me things that I never would have known otherwise, and they have instilled so much knowledge and positive outlooks into my health and fitness and into my personal life. They have taught me to not settle, not give up and to stop making excuses! I would not be where I am today without them and my Shockbody peeps.

This testimony is about my involvement in the Shockbody Fitness Nutrition Fat Loss Accountability Group.

During the 5 week challenge, I had made many of changes towards success, but knew I wasn’t ready to go out on my own completely without having some form of accountability to keep me heading forward so instead of doing it alone I chose to join this accountability group.

It is so inspiring to be surrounded by dedicated, like-minded people. It doesn’t get much more empowering than a class with an encouraging instructor and supportive people all working hard together. Group meetings as this is a great way to motivate yourself and others to dig deeper and push harder in areas that you struggle with.

I have learned that we all have our struggles in different areas and we all cope with them differently. In our meetings we discuss our struggles, the adversities, the setbacks and the destructive habits that we all have, and we talk about them and encourage and motivate each other to overcome them. Since some people cannot open up about their struggles in large groups, having a small group like this helps tremendously. We have all gotten to know each other and have become a close-knit group. We all participate in the discussions and come up with ideas that will help each of us become a step closer to our goals.

In the few weeks since joining this group I have grown even more in my journey and have become more focused. With my mindset now in tact I have been more consistent with my nutrition and water intake than I ever have before. I used to eat for comfort and enjoyment, I now eat for purpose as this is one of the many things that was instilled into my mind by Chad and Becky. I used to be in fear of the scale because if the weight increased I used it as my excuse to eat, and as an excuse to step back into old habits, however, I have now been able to overcome that. I no longer have a fixed mindset where I am discouraged by setbacks, I now have a growth mindset, where I can view my setback as an opportunity to learn. I have lost 8# since the start of this new group, but even better, I have made more friends and have improved my fitness journey!!

This group has encouraged and motivated me to continue on the road to success! I encourage anyone who struggles with their weight, nutrition, exercise and mindset to join this group, you will not regret it!!

Forever Grateful,
Lorie Coon


Ann Borucki

My life, like so many others, has been one long chain of diets.  No one diet had made a lasting impact until this past Fall when I took on first the Muffin Top Meltdown and then SBFNFLAG.  The Muffin Top Meltdown taught me healthy food choices (with some really delicious recipes!), new choices that I can  and have been living with.  The SBFNFLAG taught me something that I find the most valuable…mindset.


The answer to the yo-yo lifestyle had always been in me, right between my ears waiting to be unlocked.  Mindset is the most important key to my success.  It’s not the food controlling me, there is no problem that needs to be fed, my health needs to be fed and JUNK won’t nourish it.  Taking those quite moments and reflecting on the ‘why’ and the ‘I am’ is what keeps me at my goal.  Yes, my goal!  I reached it with both plans, but it’s the SBFNFLAG that will keep me rooted in my success.


It’s so liberating to make conscious choices for myself.  I feel so strong being present, planning out my day so I know that I will not fail my health.  And at the end of the day I feel great and proud.  It’s hard in the beginning, to stay present and not mindlessly eat something that is of no nutritional value for absolutely no apparent reason.  But one day, one moment it will click and replace that old habit.


One of the biggest benefits is the accountability group gathering each Tuesday night.  I seriously don’t want to let anyone down in that group with ‘cheats’ or just not sticking to my tasks that has brought me to my goal.  The dynamics of the group is empowering.  Each person has shared their ups and downs, a method that has helped, a book, a prayer for each other, and a cheering section.  I walk away from each gathering feeling more focused and ready to take on the new week ahead.


Chad is incredible.  He is present.  He shares his struggles, his knowledge that he has gained from his own journey or from other experts in the field.  He takes the time to explain all questions, offers advice and helps get your mind on the track that’s most beneficial for you.  It’s not a one-diet-fits-all.  He’s helps you choose what fits best for your personality, your lifestyle.  His interest is in what will set you up for YOUR success.


Even after reaching my goal, I am continuing on with the next session, because I am learning ‘now what?’.  As in the past, I reached my goal and enjoyed the new me…all the while I was slowing turning back to the old poor habits.  Now I am learning how Ann stays the course and not revert back to old habits.  It’s exciting and empowering.  I have got this…all through me and also with the help of some great people that I truly care for.


So thank you Chad.  You have given me the tools to find my ‘now what?’ answer.  This time I am going to make it stick.