Chad Moeller, Founder/Owner:

Bachelor of Science, Health & Human Performance
ISSA Certified Personal Trainer
Certified Sports Nutritionist
International Youth Conditioning Association Certified Youth Fitness Specialist
Certified MMA Conditioning Coach
TRX Specialist


Chad Moeller has always been committed to the idea that any type of lasting transformation begins with your mindset. He has spent decades learning and developing what is required to take your health, fitness, and life to the next level. Chad’s passion for personal development and learning is second only to his desire to help friends, family and clients reach their full potential and gain the confidence they need to make a lasting transformation that changes their life.

Chad, a former collegiate athlete at the Division I & II levels, is still very active in sports and obstacle course racing. He started as a personal trainer in 1997, and has helped thousands of people of all shapes and sizes reach their health and fitness goals. He has a Bachelor’s Degree in Health and Human Performance, and multiple national certification designations and awards. Chad strives to enhance the lives of others by communicating the truths and dispelling the myths of health and fitness, for total, lasting transformation in both mind and body.

Chad Moeller has worked with elite athletes, executives, moms, and kids to direct them in achieving the pinnacle of success within their chosen endeavors and personal goals. Chad is a #1 International Best Selling Author on the topic of Fitness Mindset. He is recognized as a leading expert on Fitness Mindset by his peers and was awarded the honor of being named into America’s Premier Experts® in 2015 for his commitment to publishing expert content for the benefit of consumers and journalists.

He has also written articles on health and fitness topics including nutrition, strength training, and cardiovascular exercise. In 2017 Chad was also signed to Team Isagenix as an Athlete to become one of the faces of the Brand Isagenix which is now a billion dollar supplement company; and prior to that he was a Sponsored Athlete for Muscle Elements. In addition to training locally here in Reedsburg, he utilizes his talents in other areas of the fitness industry: He coaches people across the country on Fitness Mindset, and is also an apparel Fitness Model.

Whenever Chad is not helping his clients achieve maximum success and confidence, he enjoys biking, boxing, obstacle racing, and spending time with his wife, kids, family and friends.

Chad5“Considering the fact that each person is different, different in their daily activities, different in their health histories, and different in their goals; in order to successfully reach your goals, it is imperative that I cater to creating programs that address your functional capacity, and that I design a safe program that takes into account your environment and the tasks you perform. I like to work as a team with my clients, and I teach my other trainers to do the same.” -Chad Moeller