Mike lost 55 pounds, dropped half of his bodyfat %, and got his golf game back!

MikeAt the request of my trainer & friend, Chad Moeller, I am posting this. 13 months ago I walked into Shock Body Fitness in Reedsburg, WI. I was 350 lbs and at 43% body fat (just a rough estimate). I was taking 240 units of insulin a day and on my way to a early grave. As of today I’m down 55 lbs, at 21.68% body fat and off insulin & cholesterol meds. Thanks to the SBF family, I am on my way to living a much longer life. So if you live in the area and want to make a change, this is the place.


Kim lost 45 pounds, 18% Bodyfat, and went from a size 16 to size 6!

kim_before and afterI have officially hit my year mark!

My bad body image started very early for me in life, my earliest memory’s are of me asking my mom if I was fat, or in 3rd grade looking at my friend beth and wanting to be her… (Yup Beth i’ve always adored u) As I got older and matured it just got worse for me. My first boyfriend in high school was around 9h grade, One day in the hall way we were showing a little pda, and I recall some me boys in his class laughing and saying “how can you even get your arms around her” It doesn’t matter when your young if your a little overweight, it’s the easiest thing to pick on, and can I speak for everyone when I say it defiantly stays with you as you become an adult.

I’d try to loose weight, I’d start out strong and after a month or two fail and fall off track. Last July I started my journey, went to see Chad at shockbody and made a change. I am beyond grateful to him for sticking with me and not letting me give up. I owe my weight loss to him. Period. I was so use to failing with this, I didn’t take any before pictures, what was the use? But not this time, I don’t know what was different, I wish I could pin point it because I feel like that’s the reason I stuck with it. Maybe it was the fact that I wanted to feel good about myself for once, or that I have three little ladies in my life now, or look as good for my boyfriend as what I feel like he looks for me. Maybe it was all of those things, I started with my first weight in and I was 34 percent body fat if I remember correctly, I was so disappointed in myself.

The first month actually wasn’t as hard as I though, started on a low carb diet and personal trained, at the end I lost 8 pounds, for the next 2 months I lost an additional 16, I was slowly starting to believe in myself. Now let me tell you, there were some HARD days and still are. I remember having to go into our bedroom because My family was eating something like pasta and I had to walk away. I strictly personal trained for the first three months, twice a week and then entered bootcamp when my confidence was up and continue to personal train once a week for weight training. Some people can just do it on their own, and high five to you because I couldn’t! Thank the lord they make personal trainers that can give me the knowledge that I was lacking.

To this day I have lost 45 pounds, gained a ton of muscle and I’m down to 17.94 percent body fat. All done with one simple thing, dedication. Watching what I’m putting in my body, getting off my butt and doing it consistently. That’s it. No 21 day fix or 30 day challenge, I don’t use expensive protein, or special pills, I just don’t believe in them (not trying to offend anyone this is just my option) Forcing myself to go for a walk after 12 hours on my feet or workout. I’m still hung up by the scale, I still want donuts, pizza, and feel like the see the same person. Don’t get me wrong if I eat bad for more than my cheat day, boy, do I feel it, ugh just a bloated mess but that doesn’t stop me from doing it from time to time. From a size 16 to a size 8/6 I look in the mirror and see the same person, how messed up is that? They say it’s normal so if any one of you have given me a compliment and I have kinda blown you off, that’s why. I’m not doing this to brag, trust me, I have a hard time taking the compliments. But I just hope that in my journey someone else can see that they can do it too. I get how you feel, trapped by your weight, no self confidence, but just make that choice to change. It’s a long journey, some moment seem less Niger than the rest. I’m not even close to where I want to be, maybe I will never be, as women we are so hard on ourself and compare ourselves to every girl that walks in the room. But I tell you, there is no better feeling than looking at a workout and thinking “I’m going to die, no way can I do that” and then you do!

Julie lost 70 pounds, ran 2 half marathons, and is setting new fitness goals! 


January 2014 I hit my highest weight ever. I knew then it was time to get serious or I was going to very unhappy. Every time I would get serious about losing weight, I thought it was best to join a gym. Well not this time. I joined ShockBody Fitness that meets 3 days a week. I felt that I needed something that made me more accountable for my actions. After the first week I made not only new friends but a new family. With their support from emails, Facebook, member page and just daily talks it didn’t take me long to realize that we all have the same goal “be healthy and happy.” As I said I hit my highest weight of 260lbs. in January 2014. I set small goals for myself, I changed everything about eating, what I was eating to how I was eating it. 1 goal of many I hit was reaching my 50lb marker, by August.  By mid-July I passed that.  In September I ran my 2nd Half Marathon in 5 years. Now after 1 year of hard work and dedication, I have lost 70 lbs.  My goal for 2015 is to reach the 100lb mark, run more and finish my 3rd Half Marathon faster than last year.  Thank you to Chad and everyone that makes Shockbody the reason I keep coming back each month.

Liz lost almost 50 pounds and is well in the athletic bodyfat range!

Liz_Before_AfterChad Moeller and Shockbody Fitness have changed my life in ways I never thought possible. At age 21 (picture on left), I was the heaviest I had even been. I had given up on ever being fit or athletic. I have struggled with my weight and body image for my entire life, longing to excel at sports or look like other girls around me in high school and college. I had tried losing weight different times, and although I was temporarily successful, I would end up gaining the weight back as I returned to my old ways. Fitness just never seemed to click with me, and although I was a gymnast and tried to be active, I failed time and time again to make it a priority in my life. In January 2014, I saw a friend’s post on Facebook about joining Shockbody’s bootcamp in town, and although I had never heard of it before, something about it intrigued me. I knew something needed to change, and once I talked to her and heard she had committed to a month of bootcamp, I called Chad to get in. Showing up that first day was terrifying, and I will admit, after the first couple weeks, I started to think this would be another failed attempt at getting in shape. I felt so out of place in the midst of all of the fit people who could run circles around me. Somehow, I stuck it out and slowly became stronger and more confident. Although I started to notice some results after the first few months, it wasn’t until I met with Chad one-on-one to come up with a nutrition plan that things truly fell in to place. I trusted Chad in my fitness journey, and with his help and the support of my fellow bootcampers, I was able to lose nearly 50 pounds and get down to a body fat that qualified me as “athletic,” a term I still have a hard time identifying with. To this day, I’m not sure exactly what it was that kept me going, but I do know I would have never been able to do it without Chad or the Shockbody community that has now become like family. Fitness has become a regular part of my life, and although it still baffles me how this is possible, I truly enjoy it. My journey is far from over, and I know I will continue to struggle along the way, but I am lucky enough to have found the Shockbody Fitness community, and I know with their support, I can accomplish almost anything.

Sarah lost 6% bodyfat and 7 inches on her 28 Day ShockBody Challenge


On January 11th I started the Shockbody ‘28 Day Challenge’ and it was one of the best decisions of my life. First, I would like to clarify that I never considered this a ‘challenge,’ aka something you try for X amount of days and then go back to your normal lifestyle/diet. This is a jump-start to the rest of my fit life! When I told people about the things I was eating, they would complement me on my diet. This is NOT a diet, people! This is my new ‘normal’ food! I am eating REAL and YUMMY foods! Before I started this challenge, I had been attending bootcamp for a year and had tried to live a healthier lifestyle. I was slowly adding inches where there was NO need for extra inches. While I was doing this ‘challenge’ I closely followed the meal plans and attended bootcamp classes two times a week and added Tabata, two times a week. It was tough to stick to my meals at first. After the third weekend, the healthy eating seemed to click. On the third Saturday, I went all out for my cheat meal. I had tacos, cake, ice cream, and cookies. (I know…I went crazy!) But the next day I felt AWFUL! All of the sugar really took a toll on my body. I know that if I eat something with a lot of sugar, artificial anything, or fatty, I will pay for it later. Now, when there is a treat or candy at school, I just take few gulps of water (after wiping up my pile of drool). I know that I will feel like crap and will not be able to stop eating the junk once I start.  Mmmm…I love water! Seriously though. It is great stuff!
One (of the many) outcomes of this work, was that I was headache FREE! I would usually get a headache once or twice a week. Another benefit was my high amount of energy! I was pumped to attack workouts with my Shockbody family and take on each day! I have had such a powerful outlook on life too. I feel so happy when I have all of my meals prepared for the week. I am happy when I have a killer workout that leads to sore muscles the next day (and the day after that). I am so happy to have met all these AMAZING, motivating people through Shockbody!
Now here some number results: 1. I dropped 6% of body fat! 2. I said goodbye to 7 inches!
This is just the beginning!!! I cannot wait to continue on my fitness journey! Thank you to everyone at Shockbody! I could NOT have done this without you! XOXO

Anita went from 24% bodyfat to 15.9% and dropped 4 pant sizes!

Emily Improves Her 1/2 Marathon Time by 15 Minutes!


Sarah kick-started her results by losing 12 pounds her first month!


Linda rises to the challenges and elevates her fitness to a new level!


Marine Sgt BJ Ganem likes the group camaraderie and accountability, has lost weight, has more energy, and living a more active lifestyle!

Vicki enjoys more energy, clothes fitting better, more stamina, and has found a program she has stuck with the longest!

Tina Sukup has lost over 100 pounds!!!

Tina_B and A

I personally have struggled with my weight all of my life. I was always taller and bigger than others in my class growing up. I tried every kind of diet imaginable. I would lose weight and then eventually gain it all back. I have never been a big fan of exercise. I would rather do anything but exercise. After having four children my body and mind were in need of some major help. My health was well on its way down, in fact I was diagnosed as a pre-diabetic. I had to make some major changes in order for me to enjoy my life with my family.

I first made a commitment to nutrition. This process was something I needed to take one step at a time. I started by making some good nutritional changes in my life, and got rid of some bad habits, but I still felt that I needed something more. After much thought, I knew the missing link was exercise. That was my next step. I was very nervous about this piece in my journey as I was a self-proclaimed exercise avoider. Now I was going to start a class called, Bootcamp. YIKES. Way to jump into the fire right away. It was something I hadn’t done before and a major challenge for me. That challenge turned into major gratification and a huge sense of accomplishment that is felt after EVERY single workout. There are times when I’ve had a bad day and I just want to go home and curl up and forget about the day, but I remind myself of my commitment and I go to bootcamp. As a result, I feel so much better after class both mentally and physically. Bootcamp is not only a physical workout, but a mental workout that helps me to clear my mind of all that is going on in my life. Chad and his staff tailor every workout to all levels of the participants in the class. This makes each of us feel like we are getting 110% out of the workout for ourselves. The atmosphere is so welcoming and supportive. Everyone is there to help you achieve your goals and move further on the road of your fitness journey.

The added bonus to the workouts is the support given to every bootcamp participant on the Membershock website. Whatever your goals are there is something on the site to help you achieve them.
This former exercise hater is now a certified exercise addict. I have lost over 100lbs, lowered my BMI by 15 percentage points and lost many inches off my body. Bootcamp helps me to go the extra mile in achieving the many goals that I never thought were attainable for me. I now believe that the sky is the limit!!


Teri Senzig is not only making a transformation, she has embraced a whole new lifestyle!

I never, in a million years, would have thought I would be sharing my before and during pictures with the world via the internet!! I call them “before and during” because my journey is far from over! But I have come a long way!!!

My “before picture” is from spring of 2011 when I finally looked at myself in the mirror and admitted that it was time to do something about my health!! While I didn’t “feel” as bad as I looked, I knew that complications from being overweight were beginning to wear me down. My joints ached, I was constantly exhausted! We have 2 teenage children at home that are busy and it was hard to keep up with all the activities, sports, games, practices, volunteer work, etc. My step-daughter & her husband were also about to make us first time Grandparents that summer and I really want to be fun, active “Nana Teri”. I want to be there to watch my children and grandchild grow up! My weight at the time (*gulp* can’t believe I am putting this on the WORLD WIDE WEB) was 244 lbs!!!

Like most mom’s out there, I was busy with my kids and their many activities, running my childcare business and taking care of others, putting myself at the bottom of the list. I joined Weight Watchers and started to really learn about the right way to fuel my body! I started walking/running on a daily basis and eating right and did lose weight but I knew I needed to more. At my age (47) it takes more to lose the weight and really transform the body.
In January of 2012 I joined my first Shockbody Fitness Boot Camp! It kicked my butt and I loved every second of it!! I admit it was hard, at first, to rationalize the time spent on myself. I think this is an issue that most moms have! But I began to really notice the changes in myself. Others were commenting on the difference in my appearance but wasn’t seeing the physical changes when I looked in the mirror. Not until I finally got the courange to look at the pictures I was taking of myself each month! But, even better than the physical changes in my appearance, I also noticed huge changes in my energy level and even my mood. I have so much energy now and, even though I have a long way to go, I can honestly say I have never felt better in my adult life!

Chad Moeller and Shockbody Fitness Boot Camp have provided me with the knowledge, the skills and the confidence that I need to get my life back. Working out in a group atmosphere like boot camp adds so much to the fitness experience. The men and women that I work out with are always there to provide advice, support and encouragment! My “brothers and sisters in fitness” truly make me feel like I can do anything!! I am running in several 5K races this summer, planning on training for a 1/2 marathon and have even signed up and have begun the training for a mini-triathlon!!

I truly believe that I couldn’t have made the changes to my body that I have without Chad and Shockbody Fitness!! I’m excited to share with everyone my “before & during” pictures and hope that my journey can inspire others to make changes in their health! Stay tuned….I can’t wait to share more pictures with everyone as I continue this incredible journey!

Jennifer Haase is 40 pounds lighter and still going strong!
Jen H_BeforeAfter

I made a start to my journey in February 2012. I have never been one for physical exercise, but, something caught my eye with SHOCKBODY BOOT CAMP.. I just had to give it a try!

After my first night I thought I Was going to die! But what keeps me coming back each time is Chad’s genuine care about each person in that class and his excitement in our success. This has helped me develop a desire for being healthy and exercising regularly. I truly look forward to every class. Itis a sad day when I have to miss!!

This is not an ordinary gym I have never had these results in the gym. My fellow boot campers are like family! They are very encouraging they keep me going when I feel like giving up or dying!

My journey is far from over. Well really it will never be over! But I know that I would not be 40 pounds lighter Without Chad and my boot camp buddies!

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