I am going to give you an easy action step to help you get “UNSTUCK” with your fitness…
I am part of a fitness mastermind group and one of my fellow members has put together an awesome detox program. I am going to be offering this same program to all of the ShockBody Members.  It will NOT COST close to $200 because it is not built around supplements.
What it will do is give you amazing results and will only cost you – $39!
What is included:
– A seminar (that was done by my fellow fitness trainer that takes a deeper dive in EVERYTHING… how it works and why it is effective)
Detox Challenge Manual
21 Day Detox Meal Plan to eliminate guess work
21 Delicious Recipes that your family will love
– Grocery Lists to make shopping quick and simple
– Online Support Group to share ideas, get feedback, and ask questions
21 Daily tips and accountability messages to keep you on track to your goals
We are starting this 21 day challenge anytime this month for Shocktober!  If you want in “The 21 Day Detox Challenge”  (You will pick all materials at ShockBody Fitness, 2021 E Main St, Reedsburg.)  Two ways to pay:
Credit Card –> http://clients.mindbodyonline.com/classic/ws?studioId=46910&stype=43&prodid=10176
(Then hit the blue checkout button on bottom. Fill out name under “New to Site”  it may pull up your name, if so, just click “this is me”…. follow instructions from there)