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Meet Our Personal Training Staff

"We must pull ourselves up to success...
Success will not lower itself to us."

Chad Moeller, Owner:
Bachelor of Science, Health & Human Performance
Certified Sports Nutritionist
International Youth Conditioning Association Certified Youth Fitness Specialist
Certified Mixed Martial Arts Conditioning Coach
TRX Specialist

Chad Moeller is the founder and owner of ShockBody Fitness, LLC. Chad started as a personal trainer in 1997. He has helped 100's of people of all shapes and sizes reach their health and fitness goals for over 12 years. He has a Bachelor's Degree in Health & Human Performance, and multiple national certifications (including most recently Certified Mixed Martial Arts Strength & Conditioning Coach, and TRX specialist), designations and awards, Chad strives to enhance the lives of the people of our community by communicating the truths and dispelling the myths of the vast topics encompassing the health and fitness field. Chad has worked with elite athletes, executives, moms, and kids to achieve the pinnacle of success within their chosen endeavors.

Throughout his career, Chad has written articles on health and fitness topics including nutrition, strength training, and cardiovascular exercise. One of his sports nutrition articles featured for the 2003 Birkebeiner Race, which is the largest cross country ski marathon in the nation. Whether it was playing division one collegiate football, biking, or martial arts, Chad has always had a passion for fitness.

"Considering the fact that each person is different, different in their daily activities, different in their health histories, and different in their goals; in order to successfuly reach your goals, it is imperative that I cater to creating programs that address your functional capacity, and that I design a safe program that takes into account your environment and the tasks you perform. I like to work as a team with my clients, and I teach my other trainers to do the same." -Chad Moeller


Jody Staniszewski:

Thank you for choosing ShockBody Fitness to get your health and nutrition questions answered. As a certified personal fitness trainer, I have a desire to help you get started off on the right foundation. I can provide you with the tools to build and empower both mind and body while striving to achieve your personal fitness goals. I provide a fun and varied routine based on each client's needs and performance. Each client's plan is tailored into their time schedule along with guidelines on how to eat healthy in a fast food world. Together we celebrate successes and set up reasonable challenges. Confidence, accomplishments, weight management, and better check-ups are all contributing factors to staying motivated. So let the team at ShockBody Fitness get you motivated.


Nathan Traeder:

My fitness journey began in 2005-2006. Starting with wanting to lose weight and get in shape. But as I reached more and more of the goals I set, it soon turned into a passion. I enjoyed the experience so much I wanted to help others do the same.


I am a Certified Personal Trainer and TRX Suspension Training Specialist. I have experience in many training styles, programs, and equipment. From freeweights to bodyweight, to sandbags and kettlebells and so much more.

But it's more then just training. As you work with me you will be educated as to the "why" behind it all. Why we eat, train and live the way we do. The "keys to success". Whatever your goal is, I will help you get there. My goal is to help you reach yours.

There is no reason for lack of fitness, I will find the right training style that suits your needs and will help you truly "Make Fitness Yours".




Mike Dotson : (Mike is currently serving our country - prayers for safe return is appreciated. He will be available for clients upon his return.)

I have been involved in sports and fitness related activities my whole life. From Track & Field, Swimming, and Rugby, to military service, I have strived to overcome any challenge that is in front of me. I recently participated in the Bataan Memorial Death March Marathon, and placed 1st in my division. I am ISSA certified and my #1 goal is individual satisfaction. The programs and techniques I use are designed to feed off of your interests and strengths, so reaching your goals is not only rewarding, but also enjoyable. As a team, we can work together to help you meet your health and fitness goals, and put you on the right track to continue living a healthy, active lifestyle. If you want to be more confident, feel more energized, look better, or just be healthier, then don’t wait any longer! Contact the training team at ShockBody Fitness today.